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Our dedication to stainless steels and corrosion resistant alloys allows TMR Stainless to provide expert opinions on metallurgical and corrosion problems involving these materials. 


Whether it is an immediate operating or maintenance problem, or a decision in design or purchase, there is often a need for advice immediately. At TMR Stainless, we are here to help our clients in making the safe and economically correct materials decisions.

Failure Analysis

Subtle metallurgical or surface effects often are responsible for abnormalities in the performance of corrosion resistant materials. Seemingly minor environmental changes can have profound effects. The experienced TMR Stainless team can carefully investigate and analyze all aspects of a given situation and provide solutions.  

Expert Witness

Our international reputation and extensive publications in the fields of stainless steel corrosion and metallurgy provide TMR Stainless expert witness credibility.

Welding Support

Our strong technical background can provide welding procedure specification development (WPS)  and procedure qualification record (PQR).


TMR Stainless can provide a complete range of corrosion inspection, diagnostic and problem solving services for stainless steel plant equipment, such as heat exchangers, tanks, vessels or manufacturing equipment.

Field Services

Many times an on site inspection is needed to evaluate and identity a root cause issue.   


Our  laboratory is equipped to conduct many routine and some specialized metallurgical and corrosion procedures.  See our complete list of testing capabilities here.


TMR Stainless provides a wide variety of training products to meet our clients needs. Topics frequently requested are:

  • Basics of Stainless

  • Welding & Fabrication

  • Corrosion

  • Special Grades

  • Standards & Specifications

  • Market Development

Technical Service

We are available to answer technical questions or issues on an as needed basis.

Pickling & Passavation

TMR Stainless can provide pickling and passivation procedure development and onsite services.


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